Grounds Clean-up Day 2024

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The sun shone brightly on a recent Sunday morning in Guilford! On June 2, 2024, Board Vice President Anne Montgomery met with members of the Youth Group from St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, Brattleboro, for a very successful Clean-up Day on the grounds of Christ Church. Led by parishioner Lydia Taggert of Greenfield, Mass., the Youth Group teens and Ms. Montgomery weeded and removed invasive plants, cut and dragged away brush, and removed large, creeping grapevines. The group that day also included Asa Taggert, Hugo Taggert, Bibi Johnson, Kara Fischer, Ricky Davidson, and Eben Taggert.

Bibi Johnson tackles invasives. (Photo: A. Montgomery)

The all-volunteer Christ Church Guilford Board is very grateful for this hard work! Keeping the grounds in excellent condition helps us to be a good neighbor, allows us to hold memorable events in a lovely setting, and prevents vandalism. Since funds are always scarce for nonprofit organizations like ours, we are especially grateful for volunteer labor like that provided by these energetic young people and their leaders.

The Youth Group at St. Michael’s, for Middle School and High School-aged kids, meets once a month to participate in activities that have been agreed upon and chosen by the group. They learn together, serve their church and the greater community, and strengthen and support each other.

As the “mother church” of St. Michael’s, Christ Church holds a special place in many parishioners’ hearts. But the Society that tends it is also committed to expanding the mission beyond occasional church services, weddings, funerals and concerts once the building can be reopened to the public. The Board and other friends of Christ Church plan to host lectures and various educational events that have a social justice focus and that can attract attendees from the southern Vermont region who might not otherwise be able to participate. To this end, the Board continues to apply for grants and welcomes donations in all amounts to fulfill these ambitious goals. Thank you for your interest and support!

Several of the St. Michael’s Youth Group on Clean-up Day 2024. (Photo: A. Montgomery)