Donations and Payments


We greatly appreciate financial support! Donations are tax-deductible under federal 501(c)(3) guidelines.

You can contribute online here.

Checks, made payable to Christ Church Guilford Society, Inc., can be sent to:

Christ Church Guilford Society, Inc.
16 Bradley Ave.
Brattleboro, VT 05301

Donor levels per calendar-year donations:

  • Windham: $50-99
  • Guilford: $100-249
  • Algiers: $250-499
  • Molley: $500-999
  • Ephraim Gale: $1000+

Corporate donations: no dollar levels; we will list your company name.

(Note: Molley was the wife of Ephraim Gale, who donated the land on which Christ Church sits. Molley was the first white woman born in Guilford. She died March 19, 1848, age 87 years, and is buried in Christ Church Guilford Cemetery.)

Please let us know at the time of your donation if you wish to remain anonymous.

Thank you!

We periodically receive notes with the donations that are submitted. Some of these notes (which are being donated to the Guilford Historical Society) contain information that may be helpful to genealogists, historians and other researchers. Here are a couple of examples:

Frank Gallup letter

Gregory letter
(Morris Gregory is a descendant of Stephen and Hannah Palmer Gregory, among the founding families of Christ Church. Stephen died in Dec. 1845, and both he and Hannah are buried in the cemetery.)