The Clergy of Christ Church Guilford

An article in the July 30, 1928, edition of the Brattleboro Daily Reformer provided information on Christ Church Guilford, including a list of the clergy who had served the church:

  • Rev. Alfred L. Baury, 1819-1822, previously lay reader nearly two years
  • Rev. Samuel Benton Shaw, minister 1822-1824, rector 1824-1831
  • Rev. Jacob Pearson, minister 1832-1833, rector 1833-1836
  • Rev. Luman Foote, rector 1837-1838
  • Rev. John B. Pratt, minister 1838-1840, rector 1840-1841
  • Rev. Frederick A. Wadleigh, rector 1841-1845
  • Rev. Thornton W. Clapp, minister 1845-1846
  • Rev. John B. Pratt, 1846-1850
  • Rev. G.C.V. Eastman, minister 1851-1854
  • Rev. Ethan Allen, rector 1855-1867
  • Rev. Silas M. Rogers, rector 1867-1874
  • Rev. Charles C. Harris, rector 1874-1876

According to the article, Mr. Harris was the last resident rector, after which the parish was supplied by the rectors of St. Michael’s, Brattleboro.