Committee Descriptions

Buildings and Grounds

This committee is primarily responsible for the physical plant – Christ Church Guilford – and its property and reports to the Board. Responsibilities include monitoring people who have keys and access to the church; painting; coordinating with individuals and companies paid to do yard upkeep; handling emergencies; working with the Treasurer to order portable toilets for events or make other restroom arrangements (until such time as we have accessible restrooms); monitoring safety issues (steps, railings, fire extinguishers); and dealing with the electrical system. This committee will also liaise with outside professionals around improvements to the building, including taking the lead on determining what is needed to ensure the good physical condition of the building and attendees’ safety. This committee may work with other committees on grant and loan applications. One committee member should be designated as the point person to receive and redirect relevant forwarded emails that come in through the Society website (that member does not necessarily have to be the Chair). Members of this committee will be responsible for the building and property during events (opening and closing, turning lights on and off, setting up and taking down tents, tables and signs for outdoor events, etc.); the committee can recruit non-committee members to help with some tasks and events.


This committee works closely with the Treasurer on all aspects of the Society’s financial matters, including managing any funds from outside sources such as grants and donations. The committee will also conduct research as necessary to resolve financial issues or problems that arise and make official proposals to the Board for action. This committee may be called upon to negotiate fees for individuals or groups using Christ Church and to advise the Board on such issues. One or more Finance Committee members will be authorized with the bank as signers of Society checks and will serve as a back-up to the Treasurer with regard to the Society’s financial activity, including donations submitted via the website.

Social media/publicity

This committee will assist with spreading the word about Christ Church Guilford and the events planned and approved by the Board. Members will compose text for publicity, meet publication deadlines, write press releases and submit them to appropriate venues, update web pages and Facebook posts, design and print programs and posters, and help with mailings. With other volunteers, committee members will hang publicity posters around the region and explore other ways to advertise our events and initiatives.


This committee is charged with conducting research on grant and other funding sources based on priorities set by the Board; reporting their results to the Board; writing applications (or arranging for a paid grant writer to do so); and submitting the applications (usually online through the grant organization’s website). Once grant monies are received, the committee will work with the Treasurer to monitor expenses. If required, the committee will write progress and final reports to the grantor. This committee will take the lead in any annual appeal or other mailing (which will include communicating with the printing vendor), and retaining the accuracy of mailing lists. (Note that an Excel spreadsheet with names and addresses has already been created that can be used for creating labels and personalized letters.)